Long lost Part IV Returns

When I first edited and posted my Hull-Oakes train operation videos, I assumed they were too boring and added some music as a sound track. I learned two things from that:
  • YouTube doesn't like you using other people's music.
  • Train fans would rather hear trains.
I tweaked a couple of the videos to get around the copy-right infringement stuff and removed a lot of the sound tracks, but for some reason, Part IV kept getting snagged. Every couple of months or so, someone would ask me to fix it. I would promptly make a mental note and then promptly forget it.

We had a crazy storm here in Oregon that dumped enough snow to shut the region down (it doesn't take much, but this was a lot). I dug out the computer holding the files and fired it up. It worked! The files were still there. And, believe it or not, there was actually a rat's nest inside of it!

At any rate, and after much procrastination, here is Part IV in all it's glory, padded with a little Creative Common's licensed music, because I can't help myself:

I can't believe it has been that long. The little girl waving from the truck at the end is almost a teenager!  Luckily, she still likes going to train shows and Maker fairs!


I'm happy to announce that I'm getting an article published about Dawson Station in January's issue of Railroad Model Craftsman! I can now claim to have created a "magazine quality" layout!
I'm pleased with how the article turned out.  The Railroad Model Craftsman editors let me weave a unique tale that combined the history of the mill with my modeling philosophy. I don't think any other railroad magazine would have let me write it the way I wanted.

This was my final goal for the layout. I've never seen John Allen's Time Saver layout or Allan Wright's Inglenook Sidings in person, but I have studied the articles and pictures they published. Now I have put Dawson Station in the "history books" as well, something that will hopefully age with time as well as their's have.